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Discover How to Easily Attract More Clients, Sales And Lower Costs!

Imagine If You Could Learn How To Effortlessly Use Proven Methods That Can Help You Improve Your Ads, Emails and Marketing Campaigns?

Dear Friend,

Allow me to show you exactly how to sell more efficiently, sell a lot quicker and sell much more than you've ever thought possible. 

There's a proven science that you can quickly use in your ads, emails and for your website content. Even if you're new to writing your own ads, you'll reduce your valuable time on trial and error and avoid playing "copycatting" with others in your industry. 

It's a system I've created and share with clients and other marketers to transform the way they acquire clients and sell. This works in almost any industry.

This includes:

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And when you get started today, you'll gain access to powerful methods that I've organized into a step-by-step formula that will allow you to collect more leads as possible from your ads, emails and website. 

Imagine Writing An Ad, Email Campaign and Marketing Material That Beckons A Flood New of Clients & Customers

Running any business is all about profit and sales and there's one simple way to make more of both.

Ensure that a higher percentage of those people who enter your shop or go onto your website, decide to actually purchase a product.

Well... Lets have a think.

Advertising agencies get paid millions of dollars each year by business owners like you in order to create high converting copy that practically forces the reader to purchase the product.

Why not learn to do that yourself?

As An Business Owner, You Desire Success

We all have the ability to write, yet most business owners are so focused other pressing issues, that when it's time to create ads, email campaigns this area tends to get rushed -- rushed marketing efforts tend to flop.

That's hard to take in, because I'm sure you've been creating ads for a while now and would like to believe you've mastered everything there is to learn.

The reality is there's always something new to use that will improve your ads, email campaigns and marketing material faster than you may thing possible. 

I've been doing this for many years and I can tell you that I was really quite awful when I first started.

I made a lot of mistakes. I've wasted a lot of time and money on trial and error. I don't want you to have to go through all that stress and heart-ache if possible.

.... which is why I put together a blueprint to share my latest tips to show you in the most efficient way how to write high-converting ads and email campaigns.



Unstoppable Copywriting Blueprint

This Blueprint Puts All The Pieces Together

This blueprint will help you to put together all the pieces of the puzzle,
I'll show you why one word or phrase is better than another and by the end you'll be writing FAR superior copy than ever before!

Here's what you'll discover in the Unstoppable Copywriter Blueprint:

  • What is takes to become a TRUE copywriter

  • Planning - How to plan your copy to prevent producing a mess

  • Effectiveness: What phrases and grammar work best?

  • How can you make small changes to your copy that deliver results?

  • Why is one piece of copy better than another?

  • What makes people ACTUALLY buy?

  • How to use 'power' phrases that force customers to purchase

  • How to write better copy than ANY of your competitors

  • ...and much, much more!

Designed To Help You Book More Appointments & Increase Sales



We all know that in highly competitive industries you need an edge that keeps you ahead of the pack. This blueprint walks you through a handful of ways to quickly and effortlessly attract more clients in less time and by spending less on marketing!


Within the first few paragraphs I reveal multiple techniques that allow you to "crush it" month after month when they implement just one of the many strategies I outline.


You'll develop a 6th sense and craft ads that sing to your customers and clients... you'll have them practically throw money at you with ease.


This revolutionary program covers EVERYTHING your ads need to attract and maintain the attention and hearts of your clients and customers! You'll be empowered and have the tools to literally dominate in your industry! You will BE UNSTOPPABLE!


14 Powerful Chapters That Will Transform the Way You Speak With Your Clients

Here's A Sneak-Peek of What's Inside:

Chapter 1

6 Marketing Success Principles

Discover the power of headlines and subject lines and find out how to instantly improve them. 

Chapter 2

Creating Unstoppable Headlines

This is one of the most powerful courses available to-date. Finally, write headlines and subject lines that get clients to CALL YOU. 

Chapter 3

Make it Happen

I show you how to move faster and create marketing campaigns that work.

Chapter 4

Reject Fear & Dive In!

By this point you'll be ready to dive in! I'll reveal how to remove fear and stagnation in your business, for good!

Chapter 5

Keep Method Simple

Marketing is a science and an art. By using strategic systems you can keep your methods simple and consistent.

Chapter 6

Questions to Ask Yourself

By now the reader should be blown away by everything that they will be able to achieve after following your online course.

Remove Uncertainty When Selling From Ads and Email Follow-ups

Have you ever placed a Google ad or Facebook ad quickly just to "get something out there" (or thought about it) and had it completely flop? If so, think about this: 

Would a doctor just prescribe a patient medicine without a proper exam and medical history? That rarely happens! 

Or would you witness a real estate professional simply slapping together a deal for a client sans extensive training and preparation? Heck no! 

Both of these intelligent people would spend adequate time researching and practicing to reach the best outcome.

The same is true for ads and email follow-ups. You don't want to piece together your sales material wastefully. 

Never Miss The Mark Again With This Valuable Guide... End Costly Mistakes for Good!

Many "clues" in your ads, email campaigns and even your brochures give reader hints and insights that prompt them to buy or repel them... never to return again.  

Readers can skim through your material and find "clues" which reveal the true value and credibility your offer claims. 

Most of the time you have no idea what these "clues" are that redirect your potential clients away from you to your competitors. 

These "clues" are all inside awaiting your discovery and implementation so that your next marketing campaign shows no sign of these. 

Theres' one technique I recommend you implement today that will keep clients referring you to only your most ideal clientele. That gets overlooked and unpracticed by average business owners. 

It's time to elevate your authority from the proven copywriting strategies used by elite businesses and marketers world-wide. 

Crafting Unstoppable Ads is Mainly a "hidden art" used by an Elite group of high-performing businesses & marketers.

Most of the world has seen it all, heard it all, and believe that there are no real secrets left to uncover. It's understandable. Yet I've personally use these exact "secrets" for myself and clients repeatedly that gets them results like clockwork. 

No matter what you use these methods for, ads, email campaigns or to enhanced your website, the Unstoppable Copywriting Blueprint leaves nothing out.  

About Zane White

I'm the right person to walk you through creating Unstoppable and dynamic ads, sales letters and email marketing campaigns.

Copywriting started off as a hobby as a kid, I would read billboards on long road-trips and share my version with my family. It wasn't until I started marketing my own products in 2016 that I returned to this craft and began studying copywriting professionally from other leaders within the industry.

I've spent the past few years working with several types of businesses from technical support to Chinese medicine and one thing remains the same... Business owners who want an edge need guidance improving their ads, sales letters and email campaigns.

 My mission is to help 10,000 business owners in the next 365 days and show them how create Unstoppable ads!

“BeUnstoppable! Is about helping you consistently and boldly grab and keep the attention and hearts of your clients."

sarasota copywriter online marketing strategist
sarasota copywriter and online marketing strategist

Gain The Exact Tools TOP Professionals Use To Earn BIG
(The One Blueprint You'll Ever Need To Stay Ahead)

Each of the 9 chapters are designed to guide you step-by-step towards masterful ads, sales letters and emails.

There are multiple assignments that direct your focus on developing stronger rapport with a stronger marketing system.

Inside you'll have a copywriting checklist that helps you remember your powerful marketing framework.


What Other Business Owners Are Saying...



"Before meeting Zane our medical office new a lot about marketing yet wasn't sure how to organize it all and get started. Zane provided our practice with an excellent marketing plan and continues to work with us on our sales letters."

Dr. Rick Jahn 



“So let me tell you what I really sets you apart from other Marketing Specialists I have heard in the past. You give us concrete direction. You don't try to stifle our personalities or style, but you share what we need to do in very clear directions. In the past people have talked about tracking outcomes and being consistent, and while both are very valuable in managing your business, most of us are too scattered to know where to start. Now, maybe these specialists weren't giving away the details, because they wanted us to pay for the information, which I totally get. But, at the end of the day your message is so clear and motivating, that I can't wait to get going. So, thanks!"

Donna K.



Zane taught part of his Copywriting Course to my office recently and the information blew all of us away. Thanks!

Dr. Bill Maeker

Is This Blueprint Right For You? 

This Isn't For Everyone.... Find out below if your business could benefit from the Unstoppable Copywriting Blueprint.

Who is this for

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    Independent Real Estate Agents & Investors seeking a marketing edge
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    Business owners to create their own marketing material
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    Business professionals who understand the importance of marketing yet need guidance
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    Agents who need more clients and want more appointments

Who is this not for

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    Business owners who aren't interested in improving their ads and marketing material 
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    Agents who do not have time to work through the blueprint
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    Business owners who outsource all of their marketing
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    Those who aren't ready to BeUnstoppable
Get Better Ads and Emails This Week!

Try this program risk free for a year and if you do not get better ads, emails and sales letters, just send me a message and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

sarasota copywriter online marketing strategist

Help Your Clients and Customers Choose You Instead!

When you order right now, I'll also offer you an ad, email campaign or sales letter critique for FREE. That's a $1450 dollar value. Yours when you buy the Unstoppable Copywriting Strategy Blueprint today.

Access to a private Facebook Group

Once you start the program, we'll grant you access to our private Facebook group exclusively for like-minded business professionals. (Priceless)


One-On-One Consult

One 30-minute marketing strategy consult. I'll hop on a call with you and discuss one main marketing problem you're facing.  ($99 Dollar Value.)


Free Bonus Ad Critique

Once you've completed the blueprint, I'll critique one ad, email campaign or sales letter of your choice. Please note that my appointments book quickly. Allow up to 2 weeks to receive my feedback. ($1,450 Dollar Value)

Transform Your Business Starting Today!  And Receive over $1,549.00 Dollars in Bonuses

*One-on-One Consults Book Quickly. A Waiting List May Apply.

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    3 Leading Marketing Methods
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    Exclusive Bonus content
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    100% satisfaction guarantee              

ALL for Only $49*


... Hurry, once the timer hits 0, the price will increase.

Get Prospects to Choose You Like Clock Work!

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    Master these new strategies in the shortest time possible... while you improve your ads with every campaign! 
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    Why "newbies" are able to use this to quickly dominate in any industry... even if they've written zero ads!
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     How to create simple email follow-up campaigns that make your readers open and respond to your messages.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Why should I invest in this course instead of any other course how to improve marketing material?

Why do I need to know copywriting if my profession doesn't require it? 

How long will it take to read through the material?

Do you offer refunds?

Didn't find the answer you're looking for?

How long do I have access to the course?

One last thing...

Don't Spend Another Dollar on Marketing Until You Download Your Unstoppable Copywriting Blueprint!

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