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About Zane

Zane is known as Sarasota’s leading copywriter and online marketing strategist. He provides results for entrepreneurs and investors. If you’re ready for results, Click Here.


Why do I want you to succeed?

So how does a Buddhist, war vet go from knowing nothing about writing sales copy, marketing or selling affiliate products to becoming a top earner in his company under 6 months?

Simple, by taking massive action, enormous tests, stumbling often and more tests… my setbacks have made me an Unstoppable Marketing Master.

Armed with results, I reached out to help other entrepreneurs go from zero to earning in a short period of time…

Have a Greater Impact Globally

Now you have 3 options…

Option 1: Give up on acquiring new clients and rely solely on current clients. But let’s be frank, you wouldn’t have read this far if you wanted that. You’re here because you believe you deserve clients who are better suited for you than the ones you have now.

Option 2: You can handle all the marketing on your own, again it’s very time consuming without the experience and shortcuts I know.

Plus it is an option for those who are highly knowledgeable with copywriting, all the facets of online sales and marketing strategies and who understand the intricacies of auto-responders, email marketing sequences, and the multitude of website platforms necessary to acquire and retain new clients.

Or option 3: Schedule a consult with me, to discuss a strategy that will get you results.

Forget learning all the necessary components of marketing to gain better suited clients, and contact me instead.  Click here

Here’s why you’ll love working with your new Unstoppable Marketing Master!

Global Support

No matter where you are in the world, we’re here to get your business results.

100% Success Rate, No Risk

We go the extra distance to ensure we understand your needs and goals. If you’re not completely satisfied with your results, I offer 100% money back guarantee.

“Greatness anchors and guides others toward worthy objectives.”

-Zane White

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10 commandments of marketing

Ready for Results?

Discover the joys of…

Having an endless stream of new clients daily or weekly that you don’t personally have to chase.

You maybe thinking “is this possible for me? I’m just getting started? Or my town is already saturated with investors, how long will it take to fill my schedule? How can you help me? Great questions.

So, why choose me? I have a proven success rate working with entrepreneurs and investors. I focus on improving client acquisition and retention while helping them build deeper relationships and trust with their clients.

Available Locally or Internationally

If you are not in the Sarasota, FL area, I offer the most convenient ways to discuss your objectives to get your campaign started asap.

  • Done-for-you client acquisition
  • Handsfree trust building
  • Results-centric marketing

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