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Why Businesses Choose Zane

... Results Without The Fluff!

Content Writing

SEO Optimized content written specifically to convert your site visitors.

Sales Funnels

Attract more leads and sell more  products with proven sales funnel methods.

Email Marketing

Get more opens, clicks and sales with effective email marketing strategies.

Stop the Marketing Madness, We'll Get You Focused!

Feel like you're getting the run-around from vendors? Not sure where to focus your efforts? Click the button "Get Started Now!" to contact me.

From Influencers to Enterprises 

Ignite > Execute > Evaluate


Invigorate and ignite

We'll pinpoint where your business is relative to your goals. From there Zane will create a step-by-step plan to invigorate your business with new life force. 

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Monitor and Measure

As the flood-gates open and results begin to pour in, we'll create new benchmarks, set new targets and advance towards new peaks.



Results Without FLUFF

With Zane's no nonsense style, you'll never need to worry about extended meetings or endless back-and-forth emails that drain time and efficiency from your work day. 


Sales & Marketing Shouldn't Be Difficult Or Confusing

We'll Strip Your Business Down & Build It Back Up!

Whether you're a veteran business owner or just getting started, Zane's sales and marketing methods are designed to enhance your web-based business quickly. Zane's unique super-power is to strip down your business to it's bare essentials leaving only what's working and transforming the rest.

Gain Direction and Guidance With Actionable Steps!

Stop spinning your wheels, breathe new life into your online business in 90 days or less!

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ZANE  helps enterprises identify and execute the most ideal sales and marketing strategies. 

Zane began helping local business owners and online entrepreneurs improve their marketing campaigns and soon discovered a love for sales. He quickly began to study and implement closing methodologies from preeminent closers and marketers. 

Now, Zane is taking a 2 billion dollar organization to market and aims to help you attract and maintain life-long clients. The content and materials found here are created to reveal the tried and tested sales (marketing and spiritual) methods in use today. Enjoy!

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