How to Overcome Fear of Cold Calling 2018

How to overcome fear of cold calling zane white

How to Overcome Fear of Cold Calling in 2018 and beyond. When I started my third business that simmered out the beginning of 2018 I had to re-tool. A skill was missing that kept me stagnate… cold calling.

I had an opportunity to speak with hundreds of companies each week in order to find new customers but felt paralyzed when it came time to call them and handle their gate keepers.

This article will outline exactly how I overcame this resistance to cold calling businesses.


1. Understand the two main people you’ll be speaking with. 

If you’re speaking to doctors’ offices learn who sits at the front desk. Be an investigator and find their social profiles, do they have dogs, cats, are they married?

Do this for 15-20 offices and you’ll begin to see trends. What type of language patterns exist? Do they prefer blue over pink?

For example when I called veterinarian offices, I spent one day researching 20 offices. I discovered that the front office staff were typically certified to work as a veterinarian assistant and of course had multiple pets of their own.

Over 98% of the gate keepers were women in their late 20s to early 30s and were either engaged or recently married.

This knowledge fuels each call with a clear picture of the person I’m speaking with… it’s a holistic view of the person on the other end of the line. Do you see the power in doing this?

Before your next round of calls, spend 60-90 minutes reviewing the gate keepers within the industry you’re calling.


2. Create a script that emotionally connects.

The hours you spend preparing for your calls are used to craft a purpose driven script. This script will connect with the gate keepers and disarm them.

Ex: Hi (their name). I’ve been following your company on (name social platform) and it’s great that you’ve been so active helping (dogs recoup from the recent hurricanes)… I’m calling to speak with (decision maker’s name) in hopes of spending (15 mins) showing her how to improve her (marketing).

Want me to craft your next script for your product or service? 


3. Manage your tone 

Your tone represents 80% of the call. If your tone is “off”, you’ll face a lot of rejection and “not interested!”. Take it from me… I had to practice (and still practice) having the right cadence, pitch and pace of each call.

When I first started making cold calls, I’d rush through my script… just to get it out there and done with. Can you relate to that?

Needless to say my pace didn’t resonate with my listener. I remember one doctor laughing loudly in my ear and mocking me. Therefore, take my advice here… practice your script 15 times before you start your calls for the day.


Let’s recap: 

  1. Understand the persona within the industry you’re calling.
  2. Create a script specifically for them this takes a bit more effort yet it’s worth every ounce of effort.
  3. Practice your tone, pitch and pace.

Doing these three things each day will help you become an unstoppable closer!

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Zane is a full-time sales professional and closer for executives and thought leaders. Zane helps new closers and sales professionals become the best versions of themselves and make more sells in the process.

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