Sales Techniques That Work Today

Sales Techniques that work today

There are over 50 sales techniques that work today. In this article I’ll describe 4 that you can begin using today and incorporate them in your daily use.

The “How much per day?” close.

Say you have a product that’s $5,000. If your prospective buyer is hesitant, your next step is to help your listener comprehend that for “less than 14.00/day” they’ll become owners of (a product they’ll own for a lifetime) or a service that will save them $20,000 over the next 5 years.

The “I didn’t hear that” close.

This is going to take practice. Your prospect will tell you “no”, “I’m not interested”, “don’t call back” again and again… If you believe them, you’re literally done for.

If someone hangs up on you, wait 90 seconds and call them back. “Sorry about that, I had a bad connection. The reason for my call is to show you why major corporations are switching to our platform… and a 15 minute call with my engineer will allow you to answer any questions you have. What time later today or tomorrow works best for you?”

By blaming yourself (or connection) this diffuses the caller’s frustration and allows him or her to recollect themselves long enough to hear you out. Try it, it works!

The trick here is understanding her needs clearly enough to ensure she’ll respond positively to your request. She needs to feel that you get her needs and are moving her closer towards solving them.

Bring your O-game to the table!

The game of sells is to bring your optimism to each call or exchange you have with another person. This became challenging for me and I’ve had to re-train myself to become more enthusiastic about my offer(s). Is that the case for you?

If you’ve been knocked in the face a few times, the bruises can leave tender scars that deflate the joy you once had for what you’re doing. Should this be the case for you I offer this:

  1. Listen to my meditation on Declaring Your Day
  2. Make a list of 20 things you’re grateful for.
  3. Develop a communication pattern that offers just  enough enthusiasm to show you’re passionate and avoid the over-the-top “crazy/hyper”… jumping up and down type of energy.

Consider the person on the other end… if you’re calling them without an appointment, chances are they’re not happy to hear from you… so why not be playful and light hearted. You’ll find your optimism brightens their day and yours in the process. The goal is to express genuine concern for them and your offer.

The “This or That – T.O.T.” Close

I like this close a lot and use it daily… for almost everything. Do you have kids or are you managing a team? Then this close is ideal. If you have more than one product or service to offer your perspective or current client, offer them both based on their need.

For instance, instead of saying “When would you like to get started?” ask, “Would getting started now or 3 weeks from now make better sense?” Alternatively inquire “Do you prefer to get started now or in 3 weeks?”

The TOT method helps move your prospect closer to their ultimate goals faster than they’d arrive to it without you or on their own. If I asked you “Hey so would you like to get started today?” and then paused… you’d likely say “Um, well, I need to think about it… or I’m not ready yet.”

That response sets me up for failure. To save the deal my natural response would be “Ok, well what about in 3 weeks?” and at that point it’s too late. I now come off as a pushy salesman… NO BUENO!

To summarize we’ve discussed:

The “How much per day?” close.

The “I didn’t hear that” close.

The “Bring your O-game to the table!” close. 

The “This or That – T.O.T.” close

Which close do you feel you can use starting today? Which close from the above have you already used today?

Additional Questions:

Did this article resonate for you?

Will you find a way to use at least one of these techniques this week?

Will you leave a comment below and share with me how it goes?

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