‘New’ Secrets of Closing the Sale

New secrets of closing the sale in 2018 and beyond? Is anything “new” anymore, you ask? This article is for you if you’re new to sales or haven’t yet seen the level of success you seek.

The analogy I typically use is that learning sales is like driving a car… I’m sure you know how to drive a car, correct?

There are always ways to improve your technique….

If I asked you to place your hands at 9 & 3 instead of  10 & 2 for greater control so you can drive faster, would you try it?

A slight shift on something you already do, makes you more effective and if you’re in sales, you want more wins… yes?

Therefore, you’re in the right place if you constantly aim to tweak your approach for the best outcomes.

Helping Prospective Clients Changing Their Minds About The Value

When you’re speaking to a new or current client and she is highly resistant to the offer you’ve presented to her, what do you typically do?

You may ask her a few more probing questions to understand why she’s pushing back or you may not feel she’s the right fit for your offer and thus you move on.

What’s really happening here? The prospect isn’t clear why she needs your offer and has her guard up. You asking additional questions might repel her even more.

If after one or two probing questions you’re no closer to where you were in the beginning, try altering the way you think about changing her mind.

Now that she has said “No”, you’ve got to change her mind if you truly believe you’ll deliver the results she seeks.

No Means I Don’t Know Or Yes

And how will you do this? Do you recall the last time you tried changing your partner’s mind on trying a new restaurant or watching a particular movie?

Was it an easy or difficult feat?

So, how will you get your perspective buyer to:

  1. Admit she was wrong to say “no” in the first place and then
  2. Change her mind to say “yes”?

Your next mission is “Operation New Info”.  You will reveal new and exciting information to her that will make her say things like “Oh really?”, “I didn’t realize…”, “Wow, that is good”, etc.. 

You’re likely thinking… “Zane, how am I going to do that?!”

Hey, I didn’t say it would be easy. In fact, the likelihood of you altering someone’s view on your product or service, are about 1 in every 150 people you’ll speak with.

Therefore, you’ve got to fully understand which information to reveal in the beginning of your presentation and which details to save as your ‘wild-card’ for additional fuel.

Avoid saying, in one form or another, “I suspect you’re going to buy this sooner or later, it might as well be now”.

The reason being is your prospect will feel that you’re taking the request to the extreme.

It doesn’t matter how cordially you say it. All they’ll hear are the alarms to exit the conversation and label you “pushy”.

New Secrets To Closing the Sale

When she said “no” she really meant “I don’t know”. Now whenever you hear “nah, I’ve already got one”, etc. Make sure you link it with hearing them say “I don’t know” instead.

This makes your “job” easier and less painful. Because once your first “now” is out in the open, you can focus on understanding what she’s really saying.

Find out what are her main objections are and then offer additional information. 

With this new information you’ve got a chance to improve her life with your product. SHE will change her mind, admit to herself that she made a mistake. 

That is how you’ll make the sale!

Her new choices are based on additional information gathered during the sales process. You’ve got to ask for the sale well before this point.

By doing so you avoid laying out all of your information too soon! Try going for the sale then… it’s not going to work!

Give each prospect about 75% of the information before going in for your first close… then use the remaining 25% to sprinkle bits of benefits throughout the conversation.

Prospects hate to seem like they’re an “easy target”. So a natural human tendency is to delay the sale as long as possible.

The above information will help the next time you hear a “no”. Structure your presentations around the 75%/25% rule and let me know how this works for you!

No one likes hearing “No” yet as professionals, it’s a word that gets a great deal of usage around us daily.

Understand why the person in front of you or on the phone declines your offer.  So you can prepare to handle any situation or objection you find before you.

2 Main Reasons Perspective Clients (or current clients) Say “no”:

  1. They don’t have the money (or are unwilling to acquire it)
  2. The price vs. value is unaligned (not worth what you’re asking)

#1 You can not harass… well, you can harass them, but it’s in poor taste to force a perspective client into a deal with you.

So, if they say they don’t have the money… a terrible follow up question is “Well, when do you think you will?”

Believe it or not, I’ve heard that phrase more than once from a sales person. It’s unprofessional, right?

#2 If you’re unable to modify the price, which I don’t believe you should, increase the value of the product or service.

The secrets of closing and your goal is to make the sales process educational – Tweet

Get your audience to alter the feelings they have on your offer and watch them convenience themselves that your offer is a must have!

When you’re able to match the price you offer and the value, you can focus the conversation on the close.

Due to you providing new information she awarded more credibility to making the purchase. That’s one of the secrets of closing.

The second secret of closing is to help her change her mind if she initially declines your offer.

New Secrets To Closing the Sale

Why They’ll Thank You After The Close!

When you setup your conversations using the secrets of closing listed above,  your customers will thank you.

Why? Because they are appreciative of your willingness spending time educating them on your product or service.

Those who appreciate you will happily recommend you to their colleagues and friends.

I’d love to hear a story when you’ve used these new secrets of closing the sale.  Or if you’ve have an opportunity in the coming days, bookmark this page and let me know the outcome.

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